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5 Ways Recruitment Software Can Help an SME Grow!

[fa icon='calendar'] 05-Apr-2017 09:00:00 / by Recruitment Rich posted in Recruitment Tips

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Effective recruiting is an important key to success for small businesses. Recruiting can be a continuous process in particular in the SME sector where businesses grow and change all the time. While candidates are often recruited to fill certain positions, many companies are always on the lookout for new talent.

What does your company’s recruiting system look like? Do you have standard processes? Do you find your HR team spends too much time on recruiting with too little effort? Do your recruiting tactics target the sought-after millennials who are looking for specific perks or career development? To enhance your recruiting methods, you might want to look into ways recruitment software can help you reach the right candidates and get them on your team.

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Types of Recruitment Software: A Quick Guide

[fa icon='calendar'] 04-Apr-2017 14:05:00 / by Recruitment Rich posted in Recruitment Tips

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Don’t read this if you’re happy keeping stacks of printed email resumes, entering names, phone numbers, and email addresses into a spreadsheet, and writing interview appointments into your day planner.

You don’t need to read this if you enjoy your recruiting process exactly the way it is now and don’t need to make any improvements or add any efficiencies with recruiting software.

But if you want to understand the different types of recruitment software that are available and in use and what they can do for a busy recruiter or hiring manager, read on.

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3 Ways to Start Meeting Your Recruitment Targets

[fa icon='calendar'] 04-Apr-2017 09:30:00 / by Recruitment Rich posted in Recruitment Tips

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We've all been there - a senior member of your company leaves and you're tasked with finding a replacement. Before you know the CEO is breathing down your neck asking why you haven't hired the best possible candidate in the shortest possible time!

Luckily we here at Recruitment Solutions want to help you not only find and hire that perfect candidate but also prevent that awkward conversation with your superior from ever taking place.

With that in mind we've put together this short list of tips to start meeting your recruitment targets.


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Quick Tips to Recruit Better Candidates

[fa icon='calendar'] 03-Apr-2017 19:00:00 / by Recruitment Rich posted in Recruitment Tips

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For recruiters there is no greater measure of success than finding a candidate whose skills fit the open position and also aligns with their company culture.

On the flip side, that also means there is nothing more frustrating for a recruiter than when they get it wrong.

When companies make bad hiring choices, they’re making costly mistakes. Not only does it impact their bottom line, it also affects their office productivity and employee morale.

While there is no guaranteed method for completely avoiding bad hires, there are ways to significantly reduce your risks of choosing the wrong candidate while ensuring you’re attracting the best candidates for your positions.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you recruit better candidates.



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3 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Process in 2017

[fa icon='calendar'] 24-Mar-2017 01:49:19 / by Recruitment Rich posted in Recruitment Tips

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There has never been a more competitive time for hiring. With the increasingly adaptable job market candidates can apply for and find positions anywhere in the world. That means recruiting competition is now much tougher and candidates expect a much more flexible application process. 


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