Recruitment Solutions is a recruitment consultancy provider.

We are passionate about finding solutions that will add real value to your business, with our excellent personal customer service. By leveraging our extensive knowledge and industry expertise we identify recruitment software solutions that make a difference.

With all the new technologies out at the moment, it can be easy to get lost in the woods and forget about the most important aspect of your business, the human aspect. The success of a business comes down to finding and hiring the right staff. By understanding this, you will be more profitable and be more efficient. Taking this into consideration, you need to ask, how can you improve the most important aspect of your business? Making sure you use technology to find staff to take your business forward.

If you would like to improve your time to hire, quality of hire and streamline your recruitment process you need to consider implementing an e-recruitment solution.

Richard Mander


With a number of years' experience in the recruitment software industry and a background in employment law Richard is in a unique position to provide your company with a tailored consultancy service. 

His wide range of expertise will allow him to ensure successful identification, selection and implementation of a recruitment solution for your company.